Rosewater Character Chart

Download this document and use your peers’ combined knowledge to fill it in.

Rosewater Character Chart


Satire in God Bless You, Mr Rosewater

One of the finest satirical programs to examine aspects of American culture and society is South Park. This episode examines people’s attitudes to charity and involves Randy campaigning to be able to live in a ‘shameless’ society – a society free from being shamed into donating to charity.

To understand how satire works, we should examine why a character or idea is presented in a certain way.  This will link back to the author’s criticisms of society and the way in which they create humour – exposing the flaws for our entertainment and enlightenment.

Complete the table Examining the techniques of satire in the opening chapters of Mr Rosewate1 (3)as we read Chapter 1.  Become familiar with the way a satirist like Vonnegut uses language to position the readers to accept or reject ideas.

Revenge: a dish best served cold

Read Michael Price’s article ‘Revenge and the People Who Seek it’

and Karyn Hall’s ‘Revenge: Will You Feel Better?’

and take a set of notes for each.

What light does this information shed on our understanding of the way revenge is portrayed in There Will Be Blood’?  What elements of this article can you see reflected in the characters in the film?

Write 400 words.