Revenge: a dish best served cold

Read Michael Price’s article ‘Revenge and the People Who Seek it’

and Karyn Hall’s ‘Revenge: Will You Feel Better?’

and take a set of notes for each.

What light does this information shed on our understanding of the way revenge is portrayed in There Will Be Blood’?  What elements of this article can you see reflected in the characters in the film?

Write 400 words.


Inequality debate in Australia

Read Christopher Hoy’s article ‘The Study that Shows Life is a lot more Unequal than you (probably) thing’ in The Guardian about the inequality in life.

The ABC outlines Labour’s efforts to sell their ideas

Karen Barlow, writing in the Huffington Post, oulines the opposition leader Bill Shorten’s plan to address inequality ‘Labor’s Bold $17 Billion Plan to Tackle Trusts and Trust’

Paul Kelly from The Australian criticises the Labour Party’s campaign for equality in his article ‘Shorten Labour’s False Road to Fairness’