Othello Presentations


Step up, scholars!  Here is your chance to teach your peers a section of Othello.  In pairs, you will need to read the whole scene and study your section in detail together to create a Googleslide presentation (collaborative work) – this will be set for homework over the weekend and you will have Monday’s lesson to double-check and refine your material.  In each class we will read a section of the text following which you will deliver a short concise analysis of the significance of the language used, the characters and their relationships and the themes developed in the text.  Examine the suggested text-related activities on the left hand side of your text book to help stimulate your analytical thinking.

Each presentation will be 10- 15 minutes long, based around several key points of enquiry which you and your partner decide upon (these questions will form the headings of your slides) and require the following format:

  1. STRUCTURE – outline the main plot elements; use of dramatic irony; foreshadowing, entrances and exits; dramatic devices.                                                              (1 slide)
  2. CHARACTERS – what we learn about the characters’ views and values and their relationships; diagrams may be helpful                                                           (up to 4 slides)
  3. THEMES – big ideas explored or developed in the scene                             (up to 4 slides)
  4. IMAGERY AND LANGUAGE – a slide on which there is a visual related to Shakespeare’s choice of language in the text. This can be used to stimulate the class to find the relevant quotation from the text                                                                                                                                                                                                                                (min 1 slide)

Every slide will contain at least one key quotation which is essential to understanding the nature of the scene.  Every slide will contain a key question as its heading.

You will be expected to answer questions from the class regarding any aspect of the text studied.

Maximum slides: 10

Presentations begin: Tuesday 7 March


ACT 2, Scene 1 Himasha and Pedro

ACT 2, Scene 3  Nathan and Zac

ACT 3, Scene 3 (Part 1, lines 0–259) Alex and Daniel X

ACT 3, Scene 3 (Part 2 lines270-end) Bernard and Lorenzo

ACT 3, Scene 4  Taha and Josh

Act 4, Scene 1   Part 1 (lines 1-161 Cassio’s exit) Memphis and Raph

Act 4, Scene 1 Part 2 (lines 162 – end) Finn and Corey

Act 4, Scene 2 (lines 1- 170 Desdemona and Emilia’s exit) [Ms Carroll to finish the scene. Daniel and Julian

Act 4, Scene 3 Stefan and Tim

Act 5, Scene 1  Oscar and Jeremy

Act 5, Scene 2 (Part 1 1- 234 the stabbing of Emilia) Cheuk and Raymond

Act 5, Scene 2 (part 2, 235-end) Noah and Billie

Othello as a Tragedy: examine the structure of tragedy and how the play presents Othello as a tragic hero. Harvey and Sriram

Critical Perspectives on Othello: examine the ways in which Othello may be interpreted by using two contrasting critical perspectives (your choice) from the list provided on page 222 of your texts.  Pick at least two scenes or dramatic moments from Othello and explain how they can be interpreted I a way that supports your selective reading. Andrew and Hao