Sample Language Analysis and Commentary

“Language is the dress of thought.” —-Samuel Johnson

Here’s a dress for thought: Viktor and Rolf bring a new interpretation to an old masterpiece.  You can check out their exhibition at the NGV this summer.

Viktor and Rolf: Wearable Art (Couture Fall/Wintor 2015-16), images based on Dutch Golden Age paintings of the 17th century, such as ‘The Threatened Swan’ by Jan Asselijn, 1650 (Rijksmuseum)


Not to your taste? It’s conceptual, brother.

Speaking of conceptual, remember that this task is all about discovering and explaining how writers present things through their choice of language in order to influence the audience (make them feel, think or act in a particular way) to in turn persuade them to accept their point of view.

Keep this concept in your head and you should not be phased by this section of the exam.

By now, you will have read Vyom Sharma’s comment piece in The Age dealing with gambling.

Now read the sample-language-analysis-and-commentary-on-gambling-comment-piece , which I wrote.  You will not be given an article so long nor be expected to write so much in the 25 minutes you are required to spend on this task in the exam, however it should give you an idea of the nature of the task and of the kind of things you should find and comment on: the process and results of analysis.

Not sure of the process (how to get there)?  Check back to the table related to the gambling article.  You will find the process pretty clearly stepped out there.





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