Rosewater Assessment Task

Samaritrophia extract

Stewart Buntline extract (002)

Money River 2

Final chapter

Read the assessment task in the below and use the links and the topic breakdown to guide you through the process:

“How does Vonnegut’s satire operate in this extract and to what end is it employed?

 Assessment rubric: god-bless-you-text-response-essay

To see a sample passage analysis approach:



“Vonnegut’s satire is full of lessons both learned and unlearned in this extract.” 

What lesson/s are on offering in this passage?  About what aspects of life ?  What is the significance of these in relations to the test of the text

  • What lessons are characters offered elsewhere in the text? By whom to whom?  What is the significance of this?
  • What learning/lack of learning occurs in this process?
  • Can the whole text be construed as a ‘lesson’ about anything? What does Vonnegut set out to teach us about and how is that achieved?

Key concepts: altruism, charity, socialism, capitalism, meritocracy, class, wealth, greed, status, self-interest, opportunism, the American Dream, insanity, patriotism





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