End of Rosewater: in quotations


SENATOR ROSEWATER: “… don’t play God to people, or they will slobber all over you, take you for everything they can get, break commandments just for the fun of being forgiven – and revile you when you are gone.”

KILGORE TROUT: “Americans have been taught to hate all people who will not or cannot work, to hate even themselves for that.” – mindset regarding poverty and uselessness – they ‘hate’ those who are without wealth (equating that to a lack of work and seeing them as having nothing to offer)

“Uselessness will kill strong and weak souls alike” – that if ‘use’ is equated with ability to accumulate wealth; the idea of ‘uselessness’ of being the downfall

Calls Eliot’s efforts a ‘social experiment’ which addresses the problem: “How to love people who have no use?”

“people treasuring people as people”

“It seems to me that the main lesson Eliot learned is that people can use all the uncritical love they can get.’ p.164)


The headline in The American Investigator  reads: SANEST MAN IN AMERICA? (SEE INSIDE) p.158

“…legally acknowledge that every child in Rosewater County said to be mine is mine, regardless of blood type.”

” Let their names be Rosewater from this moment on.  And tell them that their father loves them, no matter what they may turn out to be.  And tell them…to be fruitful and multiply” [last words of the text]

For your consideration:

  • What is the Senator’s view the world and the future of his fortune?
  • Who does Kilgore Trout represent?
  • What Christian elements are present at the messages at the end of the text?
  • Who is insane at the end of the novel?  What is being suggested about sanity?

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