Exam preparation for text/language analysis – whiteboard notes (7/10/2016)

Apart from the section about God Bless You, Mr Rosewater, in the exam, you will also be doing a language analysis on an article/editorial, etc.

Here are the whiteboard notes for today’s lesson:

And a few more notes (not in any order):

Part A:

When analysing an article/editorial etc., think about the language. Who is the audience for this piece?

What are the bones of this article/message?

Image – how does the image support the message?

Part B (the meaty part):

Here’s how the writer positions the audience to think or feel in a certain way.

Argument: You need a main contention and supporting statements.

If you were writing this piece, think about how you would dress up the article to position your audience to think/feel in a certain way or to do something.

How do you want the audience to feel? eg You might want them to feel sorry for you; You might want them to feel ashamed that they hadn’t spoken up earlier.

You need evidence and a case in point.



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