Wider Reading, y’all!


Reading is an act of civilization; it’s one of the greatest acts of civilization because it takes the free raw material of the mind and builds castles of possibilities.

Ben Okri, poet 

Welcome to reading time, 10C.  Come and join the great minds.  You should all have a book on the go; these are the years where you can read for pleasure and explore Okri’s ‘castles of possibilities’with nothing to lose and so so much to gain.  Soak up the ideas and ways of viewing the world that shape our culture and identity.

Dip your toe into some poetry.  Sarah Howe’s poem Yangtze paints a haunting picture of a river diseased. It is what is unsaid here that creates the power.

Perhaps you prefer to have your poetry read to you, my lord.  Go to The Poetry Station to hear the sweet sweet music of some of the greatest poets of all time.


Wrap your head around a classic novel.   Use The Guardian’s 100 Best Novels list to pick a highly rated classic literary.

Or read some cutting edge Young Adult fiction, like Marlee Jane Ward’s dystopian novella Welcome to Orphancorp which counts down the last days of a 17 year old orphan in an industrial orphanage.


Go to goodreads.com to ‘meet your next favourite book’.  There are plenty of reviews and lists to help find something you will enjoy. On our library website (“book recommendations for you” – top right) you will find all sorts of reading lists with books contained in our library.




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