Why isn’t my blog post showing up?


Photo by Dennis Koehoorn on Flickr

A few students have been frustrated by the fact that, despite publishing their posts, they don’t actually show up in the blog. Hmm…. This is part of working with technology, but I’m happy to try and help. Usually I just google the problem and set the ‘search tools’ for ‘any time’ to ‘past year’ so that the answers are current.

An easy fix recommended by some was to change the theme to eg. twentysixteen because some themes are buggy. If that doesn’t work….

Another suggestion was that you have created a static front page which is what people sometimes do if they want the front face of their blog to be the same regardless of posts coming in. If you have done that and want to stick with it, go to Customize > Static Front Page. You will need to define a page for posts to go to.  Read about doing this here.

Personally, I would probably undo the static front page and just have the posts appear in chronological order. I wouldn’t muck around with the customisation. Read about how to do that here. Basically, you just switch the radio button back to “Front page displays posts” instead of static front page.

Don’t despair! Try these suggestions and please come and see me, Ms Sheko, or email me, if you are still having problems.


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