Speaking ‘Shakespearian’

Before you respond to your next reading of Macbeth with, ‘it’s all Greek to me’, pause: you may know more ‘Shakespearian’ than you think you do.

Reknowned linguist David Crystal estimates that modern readers already know about 90% of the 20,000 words Shakespeare used and that there is little case for modernising the texts.  Perhaps the plays are not as inaccessible as schoolboy rumour might have them.  Listen to David Crystal as he reassures us that what we hear in Shakespeare’s plays is not too dissimilar to what we do ourselves when we . And how Homer Simpson is a modern day Hamlet.

Listen to comic and actor Rob Brydon reassure you that you are often quoting Shakespeare without even knowing it, via The Telegraph‘s celebration of 400 years of Shakespeare’s anniversary.

rob brydon



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