Thinking about what we learned in class 15/04/16

We were thinking about the thinking that has to occur before we write about our Macbeth topic in our blog. It’s not a good idea to just write out your thoughts in the hope that something good will come out. Really, the writing is the final stage of the process, and the pre-thinking is a much more important, time-consuming process.

In class we were trying to get to the bottom of what we needed to do before writing a deep analysis of our topic. Finally we realised that we needed to ask the important questions to get to where we wanted to be. Ms Carroll recommended writing out all the questions first before we started writing answers. It makes sense to do that so we think broadly before we focus on details. We started to go through the questions: who/what/where/when/how/why – which gave us a way of analysing our topic. We also thought about including key concepts eg. change, cause and effect, in our thinking.

I realised just how complex this question was: “How does the power shift between characters (in Macbeth)?


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