Tracking Macbeth #studenttask

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Tracking Macbeth

“By the pricking of my thumbs…something wicked this way comes.”

Welcome to the beginning of 10C’s tracking of Macbeth.  As we read the text in class, we will become experts in aspect of the play by tracking the representation and development of themes, characters and motifs offering interpretations of these things. Each member of 10C will put their findings into a blog post: minimum three posts in total This may be a blog post after each act or two (eg for theme tracking) or choose a different structure for a character who may not appear in each act (eg. the hero’s journey in stages).

Explain how Shakespeare presents [your theme, character, motif] in Macbeth, what significance this has.  A collection of evidence will support each interpretation.

This is a showcase of the rigour of 10C’s thinking.  Each blog post will include:

  • A creative title (underscored by a quotation from the text);
  • at least one image and/or audiovisual material, which will illustrate the ideas and the textual evidence in each post.;
  • Quotations or extracts from the play (using the online text version for simple cut and paste)
  • Analysis and insight through the posing (and answering) of questions such as: ‘What does this suggest?’ and ‘What is the significance of this?’ and why? and how?


10C trackers for the following subjects:

Macbeth (Acts 1&2):   [student name]

Macbeth (Acts 3-5):

Lady Macbeth:




The witches:

Minor characters (doctor/nurse/Porter):

Light and Dark:

Good and Evil (fair and foul):

Deception (appearance and reality):



The natural world:


Loyalty and betrayal:

Guilt and Innocence:

Illness and disease:

Masculinity :

Reason and passion:

Femininity and the role of women:

Kingship and tyranny:



Fortune, fate and free will:

Fear and courage:

Macbeth as a tragedy:

Soliloquies in Macbeth:

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